Arcadiy Ivanov has over 15 years of proven hands-on software development and leadership. Arcadiy has led agile international teams to deliver software solutions in business areas including high-performance technical trading analysis, software performance testing, and cloud automation and orchestration.

To ensure superb quality, reliability and rapid solution delivery Arcadiy emphasizes extreme development cycle automation, team productivity, developer training and coaching, mandated test-driven development and end-to-end integration testing. Arcadiy leads by example participating in day-to-day development activities, continuously monitoring team performance and creating novel and improving existing tools to increase team productivity, and lowering onboarding barriers.

In recent years Arcadiy has been helping Fortune 500 companies to increase engineering team efficiencies by making a shift to DevOps and adopting agile methodologies and developer-automated quality assurance.

An open source enthusiast, Arcadiy is a contributor to community projects including JBOSGI, PyBuilder, WildFly, Hibernate, Jenkins and many others.

Arcadiy’s areas of technical interest include distributed and concurrent algorithms, cloud computing, distributed NewSQL databases, Big Data and networking to name a few.

Arcadiy is a cofounder and Chief Architect of Karellen, Inc.

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