How to Optimize Intel Graphics Performance on Fedora KDE Linux Laptop

For several years I’ve struggled with poor Intel integrated graphics performance on my Dell Precision Mobile 7510 (Intel HD 530 primary and Quadro M2000M discrete via Bumblebee) on Fedora Linux. After starting to experience hard full system locks on video playback requiring a hard power off a few times a week, I have dug into the settings yet another time and finally had a breakthrough.
The symptoms I was experiencing were:

  • High baseline idle CPU consumption in Chrome/Chromium and IntelliJ/PyCharm
  • Extremely high CPU consumption on video playback in Chrome/Chromium and scrolling
  • Extremely high CPU consumption working in IntelliJ/PyCharm with huge typing, scrolling, rendering lag
  • Obvious resultant high fan speed/noise
  • Obvious resultant poor battery life
  • Extremely low framerate on two 4K 60Hz Samsung monitors connected via a Thunderbolt hub with simple window rendering, browsing and video
  • Extreme tearing of high resolution video or full-screen 1080p upscaled to 4K video in VLC and Chrome/Chromium

Below is the final configuration that I came up with that resolved all of my issues. While the exact configuration is specific to Fedora and my system, with minor modifications it can be easily applied to all other Linux flavors. Similarly this likely should also apply to other Dell Precision Mobile 5000- and 7000-series laptops as well as the XPS and Inspiron lines. I have also verified this to be working on at least one Intel NUC.

All recommendations are provided AS IS with no warranties or guarantees of any kind. You accept all responsibility for any and all consequences of your following of the instructions below.

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