JBOSGi 2.3.1.Final for WildFly 8.2.x Released

Announcing the release of JBOSGi 2.3.1.Final for WildFly 8.2.x.

This release contains stability improvements, enhances operating system compatibility and increases integration with WildFly module system.

Release Notes – Version JBossOSGI 2.3.1


  • [JBOSGI-765] – HostBundleClassLoader silently deletes JAXB annotations from Class if package not imported
  • [JBOSGI-766] – ConcurrentModificationException in BundleManager.getBundles() (part 2)
  • [JBOSGI-767] – StorageManagerPlugin will fail to initialize if system properties change
  • [JBOSGI-768] – VFSAdaptor30 doesn't handle path special characters correctly
  • [JBOSGI-770] – Capability org.jboss.as.osgi.http fails to start in domain
  • [JBOSGI-771] – NPE in FallbackLoader due to absent BundleWiring
  • [JBOSGI-777] – Filter-out zero-length path from module-exported paths
  • [JBOSGI-780] – ManifestBuilder does not work on windows if line has 511 bytes


  • [JBOSGI-745] – Support OSGi Bundle Native Libraries for Windows 8/2008 Server platforms
  • [JBOSGI-775] – ServiceLoader should work with module dependencies and capabilities
  • [JBOSGI-776] – Improve FallbackLoader logging to aid DynamicImport-Package troubleshooting
  • [JBOSGI-778] – Centralize module OsgiMetaData reading logic


  • [JBOSGI-566] – Add support for entry/resource related APIs on Module adaptors
  • [JBOSGI-567] – Add support for manifest header related APIs on Module adaptors
  • [JBOSGI-772] – Remove OSGi Enterprise classes from JBOSGi projects
  • [JBOSGI-774] – Cleanup solution for JBOSGI-567

Getting the Overlay Patch

You can download either as a JBOSGI 2.3.1.Final TAR.GZ Patch or as a JBOSGI 2.3.1.Final ZIP Patch

You can also get the same patches via Maven from JBoss Releases Repository:




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